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Jacomien Ilbrink socjometria

Workshop sociometry


'A truly therapeutic procedure cannot have less an objective than the whole of mankind. But no adequate therapy can be prescribed as long as mankind is not a unity in some fashion and as long as its organization remains unknown.''

(J.L. Moreno, 1934, "Who shall Survive")


J.L. Moreno, the founder of Psychodrama, also developed sociometry, both a philosophy and instrument to investigate and reveal the underlying network of hidden relationships in groups. For Moreno becoming aware of personal choices by making them visible was the foundation of groupwork, as it uncovers “telic” energy between people. It then becomes possible to work through those choices, so that changes can happen. In the long run, making increasingly conscious choices is helpful to become free. In this way, using sociometry deepens both the individual experience as well as the group experience.


The trainer:

Jacomien Ilbrink was educated in creative arts therapies, psychodrama and sociometry in New York City, America. In learning psychodrama, she was taught to work from a sociometric group perspective and now has specialized in working with sociometry.


Using sociometry

  • reveals the invisible;
  • dismantles projections;
  • improves safety in groups;
  • enables to respectfully work through conflicts (combined with non-violent communication). 


We'll be working with locogrammes, spectrogrammes and sociometric choices. Moreno's own developmental theory (dubble, mirror, auxilary ego and role reversal) will be used as a guideline for applying sociometry.


For whom?

Sociometry is a powerful active method, that can be used by everyone who works with groups. Revealing (hidden) relationships by embodiment and working with them enables the group to move to a more mature functioning level. Special emphasis will be given to the use of sociometric criteria, both in terms of guarding group safety and to ensure inclusion of all group members.


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