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Judith Teszary 2018

Bodily Symptoms as Metaphor

              Psychodrama work with psychosomatic disease


I have been working with psychosomatic patients within the frame of a research and treatment program at the National Institute for Psychosocial Factors and Health in Stockholm. We had the hypothesis that the use of expressive psychotherapies with this category of patients is more adequate than the verbal therapies.

Some characteristics of the psychosomatic states are: the luck of symbolising ability, the luck of spontaneity, low emotional expressiveness and a low stress tolerance. Very often the patient is not aware of the connection between the bodily symptoms and the psychosocial and environmental factors. In their daily life the patients acts within a reduced role repertoire where the overdeveloped psychosomatic roles dominates.

The rational is that psychodrama is effective in creating clear emotional states, to provide symbols for experiences of emotional significance and provide tools to integrate repressed memories of early, often pre-verbal traumatisation.

A need of new methods, new approach to and above all a new way of thinking about the stress related deceases was necessary. Health psychology and in particular the contribution of Prof. Aaron Antonovsky, a medical social scientist was of an outmost help for us




A short history of psychosomatic medicine and about latest finding and experiences of the issue. I will even give a short resume about the main concepts of the salutogenic concept and show some parallels to psychodrama theory and method.

Salutogenesis  -means the origin of health, pathogenesis is the origin of disease.



is experimental.

I will demonstrate my way of working psychodramaticaly and transform the bodily symptoms into mental structures in order to elaborate the problems.


Judith Teszáry, Psychologist, Director of Psychodrama (trained by Zerka Moreno, Moreno Institute, Beacon, New York)

Working in private practice.

International psychodrama trainer and supervisor.

President of FEPTO (Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organizations) in 6 years.

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