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Hilde Gött 2018

Hilde Gött

Psychodrama therapy with children in an individual setting


Children need groups and individual care to develop. To take the chance of developing with others they need the abilities of attachment. These abilities occur in the early childhood in the relationship with their parents or other responsible adults. They need these abilities of attachment in groups like kindergarten and schools. If they experienced a lack of attachment abilities they will be frustrated in groups and will react aggressive and destructive to others.


To escape from this circle it is necessary to treat the children individually; to nourish them, to offer them new experiences in a safe place, to develop more abilities and to find ways to accept better disappointments and frustration.


Children’s language is playing. Their language is necessary to be understood. In Psychodrama the therapists join the games and create active together with the child new experiences and a new form of relationship between the child and the therapist.


At the weekend we will focus on the children’s play, what they are playing, how they are playing and what role should the therapist take in this active game.


Leader: Hilde Gött: MSc, Psychotherapist for children and adolescents, trainer and supervisor in Psychodrama in PAfE, Supervisor (DGSv), She, is working for 25 years with children, adolescents and adults in the field of trauma, child protection and treatment of them.

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