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the 14th international pife conference 2017

Dear PIfE-members,

we are glad to formally announce the next PIfE Conference „Diamonds are forever“, which is about to take place September 22- 24, 2017 in Vilnius / Lithuania and we kindly ask you to save the date in your calendars. 

This conference is about keeping our PIfE diamond and strengthen it by applying the new knowledge and development about the world. Brain plasticity, mirror neurons, new understanding of trauma and bringing in new skills of communication and relation into the world of business and into the world. Spirituality and quantum physics - some new some old. Only a true diamond will survive. Those are the ones that resonate within each of us, the ones that create a spark within our soul and bring hope into our lives in a challenged Europe. PIfE will always be the diamond in our organization  and with its beauty and strength we are ready to meet the world with new knowledge and skill in a constantly changing Europe …

We are looking forward to welcome you in 2017 to Vilnius and our next PIfE Conference!

We will come back to you soon  with more information. If you want to get in contact with us regarding the conference in the meanwhile, please use this email: diamonds.vilnius.2017@gmail.com 

Be part of Diamond, be a Diamond, be Forever!!!

Affectionate regards

Your Organizer-Team

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