Invitation to a sociometric investigation among PAfE members 30.5.2022, 5-8 p.m. CET

Dear colleagues and friends!

Working together internationally is one of, if not the greatest strength of our organisation. Acting together is a pleasure and can increase togetherness and attract new members.

One of the mandates from the last General Assembly was to develop and implement one or more such projects, preferably externally funded.

In the International Committee we have prepared this thoroughly and are very happy that we could win Jacomien Ilbrink to conduct an action sociometric study with us and you. On 30.5.2022, we want to present the interim results of our work to you and, with Jacomien’s help, try to form working groups that will then further prepare such international cooperations (with or without external funding), apply for them with the help of the Board (if necessary), and carry them out.

Would you like to contribute to this?

Can you imagine investing some time and energy in such a project and profiting from it for your work or your institute?

We mean all of You:

Psychodrama trainees form the first level on, all teachers and institutes, our whole community. So, Leaders of the institutes – please forward this invitation to everyone who trained or trains with you!

If you are interested: keep the evening free and join us on 30.5. (will be in english, translation will be provided).

Join us.

Meeting-ID: 886 9432 7057/ Code: 745130